Friday, September 26, 2008

Bringing back memories

Now that Billy is starting to watch some of the morning educational shows on ABC (eg BTN, Count Us In), it brings back memories of primary school for me.

I remember it being so exciting to be able to watch TV *at school*!! We'd all gather in the classroom beforehand, sitting cross-legged on the floor, waiting while the TV was wheeled in to the classroom, and the inevitable adjusting of the rabbit-ears would begin! I remember being able to watch the end of Play School before the shows came on. Then we'd get to watch the 30 min show like Behind The News (BTN) before returning back to our desks.

I'm sure kids today don't have that experience at school - they probably just watch them on DVD when it's convenient! As Billy is doing atm - watching Count Us In that I taped earlier because we were having too much fun outside...


fmll said...

Oh I totally remember watching BTN at school!

The Tin House said...

There was also the ritual of rolling out the blue or green carpets for sitting on cross-legged. Did you have those?

My year 4/5/6 teacher used to tape the Lets Sing Together show off ABC Radio and play it back to us on a reel to reel recorder. We got to sing the hits - "I'm a Green Pea", "Clarissa Cornflake", "Little Boxes" etc.

Happy memories.
Lisa x

Kez said...

Lisa, I don't remember the carpets - not sure if we didn't have them or I just don't remember!

Oh and I remember Let's Sing Together too - I'd forgotten that one!

bat101 said...

yes I too remember this. Now I dopn't even wait for my shows on TV I watch them when I want too.

our times tables were all said out loud and together certian times of the day too.