Monday, September 15, 2008

A Day in My Life - Sept 14th

Ah, Sunday - always nice after a busy Saturday. It's also Pete's b'day today.

Even though I could sleep in, my internal alarm woke me at 6am - I tried to go back to sleep but ended up lying there thinking and planning. I got up at 7:15 when Billy came in "whispering" something about making a card - thought I'd best get up and see what he was doing..

I supervised the card making, read some email and then wrapped Pete's present once he woke up (the present was in the bedroom).

We had present opening and then a lazy breakfast (toast).

General morning stuff - washed the dishes, had a shower, made beds, put a load of washing on...

Each couple of months, Billy makes a poster of things we've done in that time period. He likes to look back and see what he's done, and it helps to reinforce anything that he's learnt. So I printed the photos out for Billy's poster and organised him starting that.

Put the load of washing in the dryer because a storm blew up while it was washing.

While Pete & I caught up on some shows we'd taped to watch, I worked on Billy's portfolio for homeschool registration (our appointment with the Board of Studies inspector is on Thursday). In between that was lunch (toasted sandwiches), more washing up, another load of washing, cooking tea and making a birthday cake..

We had tea (baked dinner with pork, potatoes, carrots & - from our garden - silverbeet, peas & snow peas) and then celebrated with mud cake (still warm from the oven - mmmm!) & candles.

After tea I quickly caught up on some blogs - I had over 70 unread posts to get through, so don't feel slighted if I didn't leave a comment on yours!

Bed-time for Billy about 8pm and the usual stories & hugs & kisses. We've just met the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

I did the ironing and we started planning our trip away in November.

Went to bed about 10:30.. It was a quiet day, not overly exciting but productive.

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libby said...

Hi kerrie,

Sounds like a lovely day. Nice and easy and yet productive.
Where are you off to in November?


Kez said...

We're heading south - probably down to Melbourne, Wilson's Prom etc, and then back via Canberra.

Jan said...

Nice to read about your day. What is mud cake? Jan

Kez said...

Mud cake is a very moist, very chocolatey chocolate cake. I'll post the recipe for you.

Tia said...

Sounds like a good family day - and mud cake sounds delicious!

The Tin House said...

Kez, meant to ask the other day: are you nervous about the whole school inspector thing? I'm sure I would be, but I know you've had a long time to settle into a routine with your little man. All the best with that.

And imagine the curse of a life lived without knowing the genius of mud cake.

Lisa x

Mrs. Pivec said...

I love the poster idea! That's so cool. Does he keep it up somewhere in his room over the course of the month?

Your tea time sounds a bit like dinner/lunch to me - much,much larger than what I think of when I think of tea!

And I've never had mud cake either. I think I'm missing out...

Kez said...

I just posted the mud cake recipe for you Jan.

Lisa - thanks for the well wishes - I'm a bit nervous but not stressing too much. I'm pretty prepared and have heard good things about this inspector. When he rang to book the appt, he said "my job is to help you get registered" - so that sounds nice and positive to me!

Mrs P - will do a photo of the poster - am on a posting roll atm!! We keep it up in our "school room"

Re tea / dinner as the evening meal - people in Australia use both terms - it seems to depend on your ancestry. I come from working class English stock so I call it tea, but either way it's the main evening meal. Confused?! :)

Try the mud-cake - you'll like it! You would possibly call it a fudge cake?