Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding my mojo

Thanks for the support on my last post - I wasn't all that down about it, more frustrated, but it was good to hear your lovely comments.  Especially those who said I inspired them - I'm honoured :)  (And no, I wasn't really denying myself chocolate - I'm not actually that much of a chocolate person.  Chips / crisps on the other hand - they're my downfall!!)

It did make me look at what I did achieve in a more positive light though. In that time (since mid-Jan), I've:
  • added ~36,000 words to my WIP (work in progress), and
  • exercised ~55 hrs
That's not bad at all :)  I do forget to stop and celebrate what I've achieved.

We had our writer's meeting today and yes, I did have to wear the 'hat of shame' :)   I was the only one this time - so well done to everyone else for meeting their goals!

I've set my goals for the next 2 months.  I'm aiming for approx 80,000 words in my novel, and am currently up to 47,500.  I'm going to aim to get it finished (as a first draft) by 21st July.  I really, really want to say I've completed it! 

I've drawn up a schedule - to add another 30,000 words, it's 500 words per day with a couple of days free where I know I have a full day out.  It's doable, but I need to focus and make the time.  And not leave it until the last thing in the day when I'm tired and it's all too hard.

Now to get motivated on the exercise again too!

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Suji said...

You are the most motivated and motivating person I know. :) I'm so darn proud of you. The only mojo I get is "more" joe lol (a bad attempt at punning). Go Kerrie Go!