Thursday, May 31, 2012

50K in 30 Days

Starting tomorrow, I'm joining in with RWA's 50K in 30 Days - like NanoWriMo but in June :)  And we get to set our own goals - we don't have to go for the full 50,000.  There'll be writing sprints, motivational quotes and the wonderful support of a group of others aiming to do the same thing.  (There's over 50 participants registered so far).

I'm aiming for 20,000 words.  666 per day.  Let's hope that number isn't an omen :)

Currently, I'm sitting at just under 50,000 words in my work in progress.  I haven't written in a week so I have some catching up to do to make the 80,000 by mid-July.

So if you see me too much on Facebook throughout June - you have my permission to slap me with the wet fish!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy.  I normally average about 5-6 hours paid work each week (as well as homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, taxi driving etc etc etc).  Last week I did 15 hours paid work.  This week I'm sitting at 7 with a couple of hours still to go.  It seems like every project I've had going has needed to be finished in these two weeks!  I've sent 2 new websites live, finished off working with a client on his Powerpoint presentation (to be presented by him tomorrow), worked on a heap of RWA stuff that has to launch tomorrow, done all the usual household stuff and dealt with a sick child.

Now I just want to rest - instead I'm signing up to write 600+ words / day.  Sometimes I think I'm insane :)

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