Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field archery

Last week's archery was moved outdoors due to our usual venue being unavailable. 

We had gorgeous weather and had fun doing something different.  We were a lot closer to the targets than we normally are when we're indoors (we normally shoot at 10m for the younger ones and 18m for the older ones - this time we were all at 5m and 10m).  Our coach made it tricky though by changing up the scoring - things like reverse scoring, so a bullseye was only worth 1 point, and the outside circle worth 5.  Or only scoring if we shot an arrow into the corner of the target etc.  It was actually quite challenging and a workout for the brain :)

This week we were back indoors - luckily, as it is raining here today.

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Suji said...

That is a great idea to mix things up like that. The boys haven't practiced shooting in a while. I should remind them to try it again. Shouldn't it be getting cooler over there? It's getting hotter here! :P