Friday, March 02, 2012

Quick 'me' update

I'll do a more in-depth homeschooling one soon (hopefully over the weekend) but just a quick one about me.  Since it *is* my blog and all :)

February was a very busy month - I had commitments with RWA, I was doing an online writing course that was very full-on, homeschooling and cub activities, defendo, work, family stuff (oh and hubby was away for a week and a bit during that time).

So I am particularly proud of myself that my 'progress' calendar looks like this -

Each day I put a sticker on the square if I write on my work-in-progress (it can be as little as 100 words, but I have to make genuine forward progress), and I write the exercise that I've done in the top of the square.  Look closely - every single day has been marked off!!  That now makes about 45 consecutive days that I have written and exercised!  (I have some cute 'teacher reward' stickers that I bought somewhere, so it gives me a lift to give myself a 'Great Work' or 'Super' sticker lol).

It's really working for me - if I feel like skipping a day, I think of how sad that empty spot will look and dig deep to find the energy to do it!  Even if it is 11pm!

My exercise has ranged from walking, running (I'm still making slow progress on my running goal), trampoline (I bought myself a mini-tramp or rebounder), defendo, yoga, pushups (I've started the Hundred Pushups Training challenge) or light weights work, wii fit, pilates and cardio workouts on YouTube.  Most are 20-30 minutes, up to 1.5 hrs for my defendo class.

I just wanted to share one of the lovely spots I walk on the days I drop Billy at drama - there are ducks and swans in this wetlands and its so nice to walk past!

My writing is also going well - I'm up to 27,000 words on my work-in-progress.  Unfortunately I couldn't keep up the pace in the online writing course I was doing, and got a bit left behind - I still have the lecture notes to read through though, so I'll still get value out of it.

I was just about to hit post when a fellow Defendo person posted a photo on Facebook of a seminar I went to on Wednesday night - on knife, gun, stick and hand defence with expert Hock Hochheim.  Hopefully I'll never need to use the knowledge, but it was very interesting.


Suji said...

Very, very well done! So proud of you!

Butterfly said...

Wow! That's REALLY impressive!!
Hitting both goals can't be easy, but you've set yourself up for success. Well done!

Libby said...

Well done on meeting BOTH your goals - that's awesome. And I think to get me some stickers :-).

Libby said...

Well done on meeting BOTH your goals - that's awesome. And I think to get me some stickers :-).

jugglingpaynes said...

Great work! I've been doing a similar thing with the calendar. My goal has been at least 15 minutes, 5 days per week. I think it really helps, and because I set the bar so low, I'm usually inspired to do a bit more exercise! Never thought to use it for the writing too. What a great way to encourage yourself!

Peace and Laughter!