Thursday, March 22, 2012

The chip shop saga..

Every Tuesday after homeschool archery, we meet up at the nearby park, have some lunch and the kids play, or wander around chatting - you know, that socialisation thing that everyone is so concerned about with homeschoolers :)

Some time ago, a take-away shop opened up between archery and the park that makes the most delicious hot chips.  It became a ritual for most families to stop there and buy hot chips to take to the park.  A cheap and tasty treat.

A few months ago, it changed hands - and to our dismay, it closed on a Monday and Tuesday.  Disaster!  We had to go back to being organised enough to pack lunch beforehand!

I've been trying to lose a bit more of that stubborn weight around my belly, so I've been trying to eat healthily.  This week, I packed a lovely chicken salad to take with me.  We left archery as usual, and started to drive to the park. 

And spied that the chip shop had re-opened!  I couldn't resist the siren's call (and neither could the other families!) and had to stop.

I ask you - which would you prefer?!

But I was good (ish).  I stole a couple of chips and then sent Billy to sit at the other end of the picnic table so I couldn't have anymore and ate my delicious salad :)


Suji said...

May your willpower always prevail! :)

Butterfly said...

Mmmm, if you made me a salad like that I'd love it! But I'd also have to nibble on some of the small, crisp, salty, crunchy chips :)

Caz said...

LOL Kez.. if they had gravy I'd have been done for too ;)

Kez said...

Caz - they do sell gravy but I have a weird child that won't eat gravy or sauce! I just have to drool over everyone else's chips & gravy :)

I practically lived on that as a uni student - our uni cafeteria sold huge bowls of chips & gravy cheaply!

Butterfly - yeah I like the crunchy ones too :)

Thanks Suji - it probably won't lol.

Libby said...

In all honesty I'd much prefer the salad. Yum. Only occasionally do I actually want hot chips, and even rarer to do I have some that really taste good. Hard for you though if everyone else is having them. Good on for just having a few.