Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year 3 coming up..

My thoughts have been turning to how we'll approach Year 3 next year.  We did cover quite a lot more than I thought we did this year, but I felt we drifted a bit aimlessly, particularly in the 2nd half of the year (understandably perhaps given what was going on in our lives at that time).

English: I'm reasonably happy with how things have been going with English.  We'll continue to approach English through lots of reading - both read-alouds and individual reading.  Billy will take part in the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge again which will involve reading 20 books from a set booklist.  We do need to make more time for individual reading consistently.  Billy reads well when he's in the habit, but he needs help to get into the habit!

Billy regularly writes (types) either stories or newsletters.  If the opportunity arises, he can take part in any writing competitions we find in 2011. Spelling, grammar, punctuation etc are covered as needed - as we edit his stories, or while reading, or when he asks.  I don't feel he needs a formal lesson at this stage.  He'll use Spellodrome when he wants to for extra spelling practice and vocabulary building.

Maths:  I'm going to make Mathletics a weekly requirement next year.  He's capable of doing the work but drags his feet doing it.  I've been letting it slide, but I think its come time to push a bit with the Maths.  I also want to use more fun resources with him more regularly - board games etc.  That'll be hard for me - I'm not keen on board games, but he enjoys them.

Science & Technology: We have so many under-utilised science resources!  My aim is to do more science experiments and use the resources more - science books, science kits, DVDs, website subscriptions, trips to the science museum.

Human Society and its Environment: At the moment, this is pretty much covered through everyday life - exposure to other cultures, history & geography through reading, TV, excursions, and of course, travel.  He's also been asking for another subscription to the Skwirk website which I'll investigate next year.

Creative and Practical Arts: He'll continue with drama classes, and I'm pretty sure will want to take part in the big drama production next year.  Other than that, he's always making up little plays & songs so drama is all covered.  :)

We've already got tickets to one play next year and I'm sure we'll see more than that throughout the year.

Billy's booked in for a series of art lessons in Term 1 culminating in an art show at the Tocal Field Days.  We'll also make regular trips to the art gallery.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education: I'm pretty sure this one is covered between archery, martial arts and AFL :)  The personal hygiene, nutrition, safety etc aspects will be covered in day to day life.

So in summary, I want to make sure Maths is covered more rigorously next year, and spend more time doing hands-on science stuff.  Other than that, we'll just continue with taking advantage of any opportunities for excursions and experiences, and his normal weekly activities.

Although part of me is still wanting more structure, I know it doesn't work long term with us.  On the other hand, part of me is also wanting more flexibility so we can grab opportunities without too much rearranging of things.  We were way over-committed in Term 4 which led to burn out and exhaustion.  It'll be a matter of balancing routine with spontaneity.


Korina Ivatt said...

Oh you are a good reminder for me to pull my finger out and start getting organised! lol

mum+dad=akira and linkin and elijah said...

I'm in the same mindset at the moment.
We are pretty much going down the same track as you.

Tracy said...

I'm missing organising my homeschooling for the year now that my girls' have returned to main stream schooling. You sound like you have it all pretty much under control.
Best wishes for year 3.