Saturday, December 04, 2010


It doesn't seem that long ago that I had to build all of the Lego kits that Billy received - it used to drive me nuts!  Now he can follow the instructions with no problems or make up his own creations - I'm only required to help find the bits :)

Lego forms a big part of Billy's day lately.  He only has a few kits, but they get transformed into some amazing things.  We have one corner of the room that doesn't get through traffic, so he's allowed to keep it spread out much of the time.  I do object if it starts to encroach into my walkway though - that stuff hurts when you stand on it!!

Billy goes back and forth from it throughout the day.  Sometimes building.  Sometimes making up elaborate stories and adventures with the things he's built.

Its a wonderful toy.  It improves spatial ability, perseverance, engineering skills and inspires creativity.  It lasts for generations!  I just wish it wasn't so expensive to buy..


karisma said...

It is expensive isnt it? My boys go through phases of building and then it sits for ages with no-one going near it. I very much dislike treading on the stuff! It is lucky it is so expensive or it probably would have ended up where the little soldiers did! THEY got under my feet once too often.

Kylie said...

Lego is a huge part of our life. Not a day goes by without some type of construction.

Like Billy, B now requires no assistance at all, but does enjoy company from time to time. THey get so much out of lego don't they.

Libby said...

Have you looked on ebay? Kevin bought a HUGE tub of it for Christy. She loves it too and has some roads set up in her bedroom. I was a lego kid too :-). She got the firehouse set for her birthday and I was amazed when she managed to make all of it by herself :-).