Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Please excuse the mess - under construction.. :)

I'm playing around with my blog today - doing a bit of rearranging and tidying.  I've decided to combine my writing blog into this one, so excuse any 'new' posts that pop up!

Hopefully I'll have tidied up and put my tools away by tonight :)


Renelle said...

Hi Kez,

It's looking awesome so far, well done.
I've never been very computer savvy but I am hoping to have a new laptop by the end of Jan so I look forward to learning more.

Have fun and happy new year!

Blessings, Renelle

Suji said...

I will miss your writing blog but it's nice to have a one stop space to read about homeschooling plus your writing. I tried splitting stuff up into 2 blogs before and found it hard to manage both so I understand! :) Looks lovely so far!

Ahem...it's now 36 (soon to be 35) LOL.

Korina Ivatt said...

Love the new look. :-)

karisma said...

Its looking good. I have wanted to move to separate subject pages but could not work out how to do it. You are very clever! :-)