Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teralba Worm Farm

On Friday we took an excursion with other homeschoolers to the Teralba Worm Farm run by Lake Macquarie council.

They showed us their worm farm and allowed us to dig in the worms.  We were also shown how to build a worm farm.  I bought a bucket of worms to start our worm farm up again.

They also showed us how they made their compost, and we were encouraged to wander around their gardens.

We finished off an interesting morning with time at the park with the group.  It was a fun day!


Tracy's corner said...

looks like a fun day. will you use the worms for fishing?

Kez said...

Nope, they're composting worms. So we've put them in the worm farm and they'll eat all our vege scraps!

Mind you, Billy probably wouldn't mind using them for fishing!

karisma said...

We had a worm farm, our dogs decided they did not like it and knocked it down allowing said worms to escape! Now we have chickens instead! They eat all the vegie scraps and the worms live free range in the garden!

Our Red House said...

I'd love to visit a commercial worm farm. it sounds like a most interesting visit.