Monday, August 16, 2010

RWA Clayton's Conference 2010

I had the best weekend.  I took part in the RWA Clayton's conference - for those that couldn't make it to the actual conference at Coogee.  For 3 solid days, we chatted, had guest speakers (real live published authors!) in the chat room, did writing challenges, threw virtual parties.  It was so much fun that it was hard to come back down to earth today.

I learnt so much about writing, had some lightbulb moments, learnt about different genres - from Sweet category to paranormal, from historical to erotica, and I'm sure there were more as well, different publishing styles and so on.

It was really exhausting but so much fun!!  We even had our own Awards night last night and I even won a few prizes!  I feel my writing has improved even just in the few days of challenges - and at the very least my confidence certainly has. 

I made some great friends; its been a wonderful introduction to the RWA.  And the really fun thing is, I "met" 3 ladies who are in our local writing group, so I no longer feel shy about going along to it.  Can't wait til Saturday now!!

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Butterfly said...

Wow, that's so cool!

:) Vanessa