Monday, February 18, 2008

Time for an update

I haven't posted a decent update in weeks. For some of that time I've been busy, for some of it I've been quite down so I just couldn't post. I'm not sure why - maybe it's SAD from all of the wet weather.

We picked our A-Van up a couple of weekends ago (photos to come) and drove it home successfully (in the rain!). We've had it up once and had a good look through it all but haven't done much more than that with it yet. We need to save some money to go away somewhere!

We had a wonderful weekend away in Sydney for the weekend just gone. Billy stayed with his aunt & cousins for the day and his grandparents overnight. We stayed at an old guesthouse in Cremorne - a northern suburb of Sydney - a RICH northern suburb of Sydney! I decided I could quite happily live in Sydney if I could live there - I'd have to win a very big lotto first though!! The guesthouse ( was lovely - the room was small but very comfortable. It was a 2-3 minute walk to the ferry, and then a 10 min ferry ride across to Circular Quay. We caught the ferry across, walked to the Opera House and watched Bell Shakespeare's "As you like it". I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we caught the ferry back and walked around the point to the Mosman Rowing Club for a relaxing dinner. It was a great walk - the point has a reserve the entire way around with a walking track - beautiful gardens along the edge. We even felt safe walking back along at night.

Garden: I have a watermelon vine going rampant atm (at least I think that's what I planted there lol!) - lots of flowers but no fruit yet, and a pumpkin vine just starting. Oh and some potatoes that must have been left in the garden from a previous season - I noticed a couple of plants flowering the other day. That's about it atm :( I planted some snow peas, greenfeast peas and pak choy last week, and I'm trying to get up the courage to try and raise the rest of the seeds I bought as seedlings - I currently either buy seedlings or plant direct - if planting direct doesn't work then tough! So my challenge is to try raising seedlings. I've set myself an even bigger challenge as well - by this time next year I want to be growing the majority of our fruit & veges. The fruit & vege portion of most of our meals will come from the garden - either fresh or stored in some way. It's a big challenge but I want to aim high!

Work: I got a website finally sent live - still a bit of tidy up stuff to do but at least it's live! I'm trying to wrap up a few other projects that have been dragging on - one I started in May last year and for various reasons it's dragged on. I'm really looking forward to getting paid for that one!! My plan to only work a couple of nights / week isn't working atm - too many people needing things "ASAP" :( I have to stop being so nice!

School: I've been posting our special projects as we go but other than that we've been working through the maths workbook and lots of reading, as well as drama class, library visits, art gallery visits etc. We went to the regional show with some homeschooling friends on Friday which was good. We've been taking part in planning for the short film he's going to be in and he has a Home Ed Swimming Carnival on Friday. It looks like the school shows are back on ABC starting today - I have to remember to tape them.

The house is a bit of a mess so I guess that's my job for this morning!

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Lightening said...

Looks like we'll be fellow caravan owners. How exciting! I have to wait until June/July for ours though.

Nice to hear what you've been up to lately. Stay strong on the work front. People can be rather inconsiderate when it comes to the demands they place on you.