Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Well if you weren't at our house this morning, you would have missed an explanation of Pancake Tuesday, including a quick discussion of Jesus & how old he was when he died, and sidetracking into a discussion on how Daddy Pig got his pancake stuck to the ceiling when he flipped his (for the uninitiated, Daddy Pig is the daddy of Peppa Pig!)

You would have also missed making playdough pancakes and the general hilarity of trying to flip those from a plastic plate and catching them again. Followed of course by a yummy lunch of pikelets (sue me, I prefer pikelets to pancakes lol), with lashings of butter (real) and maple syrup (fake)... Mmmmm!

Not to mention the kindergarten maths lesson prior to all that (so if you need to bone up on straight vs curved lines, matching related objects and an exercise in more / enough, then I suggest you'd best go and do it before next lesson!)

So there you have a morning's work - maths (worksheets & measuring), movement (hand-eye co-ordination), culture, religion, art/craft & cooking :) Now we'd better go & get ready to go to drama.. (with a stop at the bank to sign the loan papers that were *supposed* to be ready yesterday but weren't - but that's another post!)


Lightening said...

I love the way homeschooling intertwines learning with normal day to day stuff. :)

Kez said...

Yeah me too Jodi!