Sunday, February 24, 2008

Space and a race..

Catching up on a couple of school things:

We found a great craft kit you could buy to create a solar system model (by Shamrock Craft Products - we bought it at Eckersleys but I've heard Spotlight has it as well). It has all of the planets (including the maligned Pluto who has lost it's planet status!) as relative sized styrofoam balls, and a roll of wire to be cut into the appropriate lengths (stated on the instructions!) We pulled the Space book out and painted the planets in something resembling correct colours, and then stuck & glued it all together. Heaps of fun!

Friday was our district Home Ed swimming carnival. There was a great turnout - I think over 100 kids were there which was fantastic. Billy's not a confident swimmer and it was his first experience of any sort of competition, so we had tears, but he also had a great time once the trauma of his races were out of the way! He was very pleased with himself for getting to the end of The Scrambler though (a long inflatable thing with hills & dales - they had to crawl on from one end to the other). Finally some co-operation from the weather too!


The Tin House said...

Kez, I am amazed there are so many home school kids in the one district? Is that usual? Lisa

Kez said...

It's a fairly large district! Seriously, it's hard to know how many homeschooled kids there are in Australia as so many are unregistered - according to this estimate though (, there could be 26,500 kids in Australia, over 9000 in NSW. So given those figures, I guess 100 kids turning up to a Hunter Region swimming carnival isn't too much of a stretch!!