Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bugger :(

I'd just left from picking Billy up from his drama class this afternoon, went down the road a bit, went to change lanes - ooops, where did that car come from?! :( My fault entirely - luckily just a minor bingle & no-one was hurt. My driver's front panel is slightly scraped, the other car's passenger side back door & back panel is scraped. Nothing serious but still an incovenience for us both in getting them repaired - not to mention $500 excess down the drain.. Geez it shook me up though. I've only had 4 car accidents in 20+ years of driving - and this was the first one that was my fault - and also the one with the least amount of damage. My first accident someone stopped on a wet slippery road a few cars ahead of me, which caused a pile-up behind them - I managed to avoid that by steering off the road - only to get walloped by the (uninsured) ute behind me. The 2nd was a stupid woman who suddenly turned right across 2 lanes of oncoming traffic (of which I was one) and I slammed into her (I can say she was stupid - she got out of her car all distraught "my husband will kill me, this is the 3rd accident this week" or something as scary!) The 3rd was only in the last couple of years - a guy in a 4WD did exactly what I did today and changed lanes on top of me - only he caused considerably more damage!

Oh well, cest la vie and all that. I'm still shaky though - was fine until I was on the phone to Pete (he's in Sydney for work) and then my mum - and I fell to pieces. 37 years old and still need my mum! Billy was cute though - he went and put a couple of his stuffed toys in my bed in case I think about the accident & get frightened through the night, I can cuddle them.. Such a sweetie at times.

So no work for me tonight (sorry Korina if you're reading!) - I'm having a restorative cuppa, maybe even break out some chocolate from the kid-proof hiding place, a read of my book and an early night - or as early as it can be given that it's now 9:45pm!

Edited because I can't count!


libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

Glad you're safe and sound. Does give you a fright thought doesn't it? And Billy is just too cute.


Lightening said...

Glad to hear it wasn't *too* serious. Take it very easy on yourself. It'll take your body a while to recover from the adrenaline rush.

The only accidents I've ever had have been with stationary objects and apparently that makes them MY fault. LOL. 1 with a brick wall (can't brick walls move...in my defence I had only just started driving), 1 with a pole as I was reversing out of a carpark (again, very early in my driving life), 1 where I reversed into our other car (how many people do you know who've managed to prang both their cars in 1 accident? (was telling one of the kids off) and 1 where a rock blew the tyre (that one REALLY wasn't MY fault :) ).

You make me glad we don't live anywhere near a lot of traffic.

The Bradd Family said...

Oh Kerrie, I'm so glad that you and Billy are ok. He is such a sweetie!

Hey, were is this kid-proof hiding spot? Do tell, because I need one too!

Kez said...

lol Deb - the kid-proof hiding spot is right on the top shelf of the pantry hidden behind stuff :) I need a stool to get to it so B's not going to find it - yet!

The Tin House said...

Kez, that all sounds rotten. I know this happened yesterday or the day before even, but it takes a while to get a grip when something takes you by surprise like this. And I hope Billy's toys provided the comfort he was aiming for! (Sebastian wouldn't be able to bear to part with his "babies"...they're all squashed in there with him every night) Lisa x

Korina said...

LOL.... what a yucky day.