Thursday, May 30, 2013

Exploring our local area - Mt Sugarloaf

As one of the last requirements of the Grey Wolf Award (the highest achievement in Cub Scouts), Billy has to lead a small group of Cubs on a 2hr hike. He's chosen the hiking trail based on website reviews and personal recommendations, and has sent the note out to his chosen Cubs, but we figured a practice hike beforehand would be a sensible idea. :)

So today we headed off to give it a test run. We took a friend and her daughter with us - the friend is a keen bushwalker so we hoped she might stop us getting lost somewhere along the line :)

The area we hiked is known as Mount Sugarloaf - a local landmark.

Firstly we walked to the summit from the carpark - about 15 mins walk. It was quite steep in places - probably to be expected for a summit - but the 360 degree views were amazing.

We retraced our steps back down to the carpark, then after a short detour (to look at the view of course *cough*), we found where the next trail started! When we stopped for a snack, we were supervised by these friendly kookaburras. They were pretty tame - obviously used to hanging around the BBQ area waiting for leftovers...

The trail was fairly easy walking in most places - and we managed to not get lost! (If you know my sense of direction, you know how unusual this is!)

Almost at the end of the trail, we found 'Hole Rock' - a large boulder with a hole going right through! We spent quite a while here - had a snack, climbed the rock and generally had fun.

We really enjoyed the morning and Billy feels much more confident in leading his hike next weekend.


Maryde said...

So long since I last went to Mount Sugarloaf.
Another great spot in our own back yard.
The day was kind to you as well :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Good luck with his hike! That looks like a beautiful place to spend a day. The kookaburras are so cute!

Peace and Laughter!

Meg said...

Great spot, and so close to home-we really must visit! Good luck for leading the hike Billy!

Libby said...

Looks like an awesome place to hike. I'm sure Billy will do great leading a hike.