Saturday, May 11, 2013

Homeschooling monthly memories - April 2013

April was taken up with school holidays, so most of the regular activities were paused for a few weeks. I'm sure he did more than this during the month, but I wasn't recording, so I'm going off photos and my very poor memory :)

Cubs 'Curriculum':

The cubs had former Olympic road cyclist Scott Steward talk to them about bike and scooter safety.

Billy marched with his Cub pack in the ANZAC Day march. (For the non-Aussies, ANZAC Day is our to remember those who have fought and died at war.)

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Lots of movie making and editing
  • Billy took part in a 2 day Glee-style Musical Theatre workshop during the school holidays.


  • Australian History
    •  Billy created a video about ANZAC Day

  • We finished reading "Pennies for Hitler" by Jackie French about a German boy who escapes from Germany to London and is then evacuated to Australia during WW2.
  • Also read "Hitler's Daughter" by Jackie French exploring the idea of Hitler having a daughter.
  • We went to Steamfest - a local festival celebrating everything steam - steam trains, steam engines etc. Billy also had a lovely chat with a coin collector about old Australia currency.

  • He continued using the Mathletics curriculum.
  • Graphing of data.
  • Real-life use of Maths in cooking

  • He had his last lessons of Italian for a while. Classes aren't running in Term 2 (as his teacher is off to Italy!) but we will try to keep up practice. 
Science & Technology
  • Watched episodes of Scope
  • Watched the documentary Stephen Fry's Top 100 Gadgets
  • Set up a Minecraft Server hosting company and is running into real-life difficulties of getting clients to pay!

    • Read "Staying Alive in Year 5" by John Marsden
    • Reading Rangers Apprentice Book 2
    • We went to an author's talk by John Marsden, author of the Tomorrow When the War Began series. We enjoyed the school talk so much, we went back that night for the adult talk.
    Billy meeting John Marsden and getting books signed


    Playing AFL games 

    Went ten-pin bowling with friends

    As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family. And lots of cooking with only minimal supervision.

    Finger buns

    An old classic - jam drops - using my grandmother's handwritten recipe!


    Suji said...

    Great video Billy! :)

    Maryde said...

    Well done Billy.. what a month you had....
    We missed the Steamfest this year. We used to always take our 2 kids .. they loved it too!
    A picture with John Marsden. - wow
    I be t the discussion about the pennies was interesting?
    But I loved the clever Finger Buns and the Jam Drop part best ahhahaha.

    Korina Ivatt said...

    Spencer took one look at the photo of the jam drops and we are now making some ourselves today. :)

    jugglingpaynes said...

    Steamfest sounds like so much fun! I hope May has had as many adventures and good food!

    Peace and Laughter,

    Daniel Lee said...

    Weirdness is the best! Celebrate the weirdness of every person! We're not a homeschooling family (charter school enrollees), but my family knows so many homeschool families, we are in their "social group." To see more info please visit Love all of them, as they love me & mine.