Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Italian lessons

I had the opportunity to start something today that I've wanted to do for years - learn Italian.  One of our homeschool mums who is fluent in Italian (and passionate about anything Italian) has offered beginner classes, and both Billy and I are going along.

Today we learnt greetings, how to ask someone's name and how to tell them our name.

My brain hurts though - it's hard to learn new stuff when you get old :)

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Kat said...

Very cool! I haven't started my kiddos on a second language yet (I know, shame!), but they both feel ready for this now. My youngest (age 8) decided he wanted to learn Swedish (Wha huh?), but my oldest (age 13) said he wanted to learn Italian. Because he wants to play soccer professionally (along with being an artist, a chef and a restaurant owner) and Italy has some fantastic soccer players. Lol. I love my boys. :D

I hope your lessons and language learning go well! Looking forward to checking back and hearing about it. :)

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