Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - Oct 2012

This month has been totally dominated by Peter Pan - with rehearsals 2-3 times / week.  The performance has started - they had 3 successful performances last week, with 3 more to finish it off this week.  It's been fantastic, and while part of me will be thankful to get back into routine, a big part of me will miss it!

Cubs 'Curriculum':
  • Billy has only made it along to one Cubs night this month due to rehearsals.  One of the dads brought along some 3 and 4 day old chickens for the kids to hold.

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Rehearsals, drama class and Peter Pan performance.  Need I say more!  They've been performing to about 180 people per night..
  • Wrote a Minecraft parody song to the tune of Moves Like Jagger
Some of the Lost Boys back stage - Billy is in the furry orange vest.  More photos coming once I get them from my niece.

  • Australian history
    • We're reading Daughter of the Regiment by Jackie French
    • We went to the Murrurrundi Frontier Day - we caught an old train there, dressed in period costume (B was a bushranger) and watched a 'robbery' of a Cobb & Co coach

    • We attended an excursion to the Morpeth Museum where they took part in a mock trial and looked at (and in some cases could interact with) historical exhibits

  • Watching Behind the News for current affairs information.
  • Watched a BTN special on Animals and the Environment
  • He's been keeping up with information about Hurricane Sandy as he has friends in that part of America

  • He watched Brain Pop movies on the Beatles, Mayans, Aztecs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Conquistadors (that's just what I know of - he's been watching them by himself)

  • He watched a Cyberchase episodes on predicting from data, interpreting changes in line graphs and time/distance/speed
  • He's been playing a computer game called 5th grade adventures with maths puzzles
  • He learnt to play chequers

Science & Technology

  • We watched Backyard Science TV shows
  • Played the Totally Gross science board game with a friend
  • He got the circuit kit out for another run
  • He watched a BTN Special on Innovations
  • He's been helping me in the garden
  • BrainPop - videos he's watched have included - dyslexia, fire, Ada Lovelace, Hurricane Sandy, invertebrates, ecosystems (plus more - I've lost track!)

  • He watched a BrainPop movie about dialogue 
  • Learnt about indefinite articles
  • Did an exercise on exposition - including pronouns, adjectival phrases and verbs

  • He's learning Italian with some other homeschoolers - so far they've learnt greetings, asking and answering how are you, numbers and how old are you.  He's really enjoying the lessons.


  • He's taken part in archery and martial arts, as well as a game of ten-pin bowling with friends

As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family, cooking etc.

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