Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - September 2012

Another busy month.  We had our re-registration visit from the NSW Board of Studies and were successfully renewed for another 2 years.

Cubs 'Curriculum':
  • Billy attended a district wide Cuboree (approx 600 kids in attendance) which had a Medieval theme.  Activities included water activities, old-fashioned games, chariot racing, flying fox & rock-climbing, crafts etc.

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

  • Rehearsals have been full on for Peter Pan (Billy is playing Curly, a Lost Boy) with several rehearsals each week. 
  • His drama class gave an end of term performance that they'd written themselves
  • He's been learning more about special effects with Sony Vegas video editing software and a green screen.
  • Australian history

    • We continued our reading of Thomas Appleby - Convict Boy by Jackie French

  • He watched Brain Pop movies on the WWII, Queen Elizabeth I, 9/11 and the US Constitution


  • He watched a school show called 'Maths Shorts' covering Phi and Fibonacci numbers
  • He watched a Cyberchase episode on budgeting 
  • He watched a Brainpop movie on stocks and shares
  • We discovered an awesome addictive app called DragonBox with teaches algebra using puzzles
  • We watched a documentary on the history of numbers called The Story of One
  • He's been doing hands-on maths with measuring while cooking

Science & Technology

  • We watched Backyard Science TV show
  • He did some Java Minecraft mod programming
  • He watched a Happy Scientist video on how to tell the gender of a skeleton
  • It was Natural Disaster month on BrainPop - videos he's watched (and done the quiz) have included - tides, ageing, tectonic plates, ozone layer, winds, Neptune, hurricanes, the heart, digital animation, computer history and computer viruses.

  • He watched a BrainPop movie about plagiarism 
  • He wrote a thank you letter and we discussed how it should be set out
  • We've been playing a never-ending game of Scrabble!



  • Billy watched a TV show called My Great Big Adventure about finding our identity
  • He's taken part in archery and martial arts

As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family

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