Thursday, June 09, 2011

Writing Sprints

I'm just under 25% of the way through my word goal of 25,000 words.  I'm actually amazing myself!  The thing that is helping me most?  Writing Sprints.

Most nights, sometimes through the day depending on schedules, a group of us will meet in the RWA chat room and at a specified time, the organiser will crack the whip and we all write madly for 20 mins (or whatever time has been agreed on).

Then we come back into the chat room, compare word totals, moan about how what we're writing is complete drivel, share highs and lows in our writing, or just chat about what we're having for dinner :)  Usually after about 10-15 mins, someone pulls us back into line and we go off for another sprint.

I'm finding I can write 400-500 words in a 20-30 min sprint.  Two of those in a day and I'm right on track with my word count!  And its so much fun - knowing you have only a specified time really focuses the mind.  I may never be able to write any other way :)

Normally I'm a perfectionist when I'm writing - I write something, decide its not good enough, edit it or delete it, write something else and repeat.  Which is probably why I've never made it beyond 7000 words before..  Having that word goal means I can't afford the time to edit - I'm just writing and will edit next month.  As Nora Roberts says, you can't edit a blank page!

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Butterfly said...

That's great! I was just thinking this morning I should check your widget to see how your word count is going. Keep sprinting!!