Sunday, June 05, 2011

Billy's week 5th June, 2011


Learning about the Australian coat of arms and the state symbols at Cubs. (HSIE)

 Earnt a gold certificate on Mathletics - Finished the Time & Place section (place value, reading time tables, grids & charts)  (Maths)


Backyard Science, Cyberchase, Behind the News, For the Juniors (Human Body)  (HSIE, Maths, Science)

Observing the growth of the plants in the terrarium he made at cub camp (Science)

Being active:

Dragons martial arts, AFL training & game, archery

Having Fun:

Exploring Minecraft,  Lego, playing on the Wii

Drama  (Creative Arts)

Celebrating a cousin's b'day with family


Creating Minecraft videos (Science & Tech)


Specky Magee and the Battle of the Young Guns  (English)

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