Monday, June 20, 2011

Homeschooling Blog Hiatus

If anyone noticed, I haven't posted a weekly updates for a couple of weeks.  Mainly because not much exciting is happening here, and I feel like I'm posting the same thing every time.  I'm going to continue the break and just post if something interesting or out of the ordinary happens.

He's watching the same couple of school shows that he has most of the term, has done a bit of formal maths (Khan Academy - acute, right & obtuse angles), lots of informal maths, written some stories and plays.

Minecraft remains the current obsession.  Its now progressed from playing with it, to creating videos about it, to making his own worlds with the editing tool.  We've had some interesting discussions come from it.

His drama group is busily working on some top secret play that we'll see at the end of term.

The wet weather over the last couple of weeks has meant the cancellation of AFL training and games, but he's still doing Dragons, archery and I'm encouraging him to spend some time on the Wii.

Oh, and he's been busy doing a major cleanout of cupboards in his room (with my help) - setting aside all of the toys he's outgrown.

So that's it really.  Not even enough to make one exciting post :)  Just life as normal.


karisma said...

I agree, it gets a bit that way. I have not posted one for a couple of months. I started doing it as I was not keeping my diary up to date. Now I feel like I am going to have a hard time working it all out. Woops!

My word verification is Amenne LOL Wouldn't it be nice if we did not have to keep records and could just get on with life?

Kylie said...

Hi Kez, I;ve been on a break too, barely even visiting blogs. Trying to get back into the swing of the things but I think my blogging groove has definitely gone AWOL!

Tamara Kidd said...

My two have discovered Minecraft too and are obsessed. I've also taken a break from blogging although I'm keen to return... I love your more recent comments about 'knowing what to write about' and words just not flowing, even if you have peace and quiet etc. Time for me to reassess my goals with writing I think. Thanks for the inspirations Kez.