Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Muir Woods and Alcatraz

Billy & I went on a day trip today.

First stop was Muir Woods to see one of the last old-growth coastal Redwood forests.  We only had an hour to spend or the bus would leave us behind, so went on a short walk through the forest.  It was gorgeous, if a wee bit nippy in the shade!  We've been absolutely spoiled by the warm weather we've been having up until now and had to stop at the gift shop to buy a pair of gloves for Billy!

We had a quick stop over at Sausalito for lunch.  Again, only quick, or the bus would leave us behind!

Then the bus dropped us at the Pier in San Francisco where we caught the ferry out to Alcatraz - the former island prison.  We watched a short movie, and did a 45 min audio tour of the prison.  I'd been before, but I think it was even better this time.  Billy loved it!

One more day in San Francisco before we fly out to Phoenix.


Libby said...

What a fabulous day. I love San Fran - haven't been in almost 20 years and would love to go back. Is Pete already at the conference?

Tracy's corner said...

beautiful pictures!

jugglingpaynes said...

Muir Woods is the best! I'm glad you had the opportunity to go there. We have a similar picture of all of us in the tree from our own visit. :o)

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