Sunday, February 27, 2011


We're back but suffering from jetlag so I haven't posted.  The flight was uneventful - just very looooong.

I feel very disconnected from everything at the moment - America seems like it was a dream, yet I'm not quite ready to step back into 'my real life' (as Billy puts it).  Unfortunately I don't have much of a choice - Billy is raring to get back into his activities so we'll be jumping in boots and all starting tomorrow.  So back into normal activities, plus I also have 2 committee meetings (one of which includes a weekend away in Sydney), and Billy's scout group has a swim night as well.  Oh, and a back log of paid work...  Nothing like easing back into things :)

I'm also trying to get back into my exercise routine - I did a couple of yoga workouts while we were away, but other than lots of walking around theme parks, I didn't do anything regularly.  And eating out 2 meals / day (mostly fatty, salty & sugary) has led to my weight being far heavier than it should be :(

I'm busy making lists and schedules - most of which will probably be thrown away in the first week, but its my brain's way of trying to get back into control!

On the whole though, we had a fantastic trip but its good to be home..


jugglingpaynes said...

It's always good to be home when you've been away from it for a while. And if it's any consolation, many people return from L.A. feeling like it was a dream. It's an interesting place! Must be the Disneyland effect. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Kylie said...

It's a tough tranistion isn't it. Home is the best place in the world, but you also feel that 'let down' afta n amazing holiday like yours and everything ends up a blur.

You've definitely got a busy week coming.

Suji said...

One step at a time...always works...oh, and coffee! (Just returning the same sane, wise, logical suggestions you always give me). :) It was no dream!