Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hawking movie

Billy's learning about his favourite scientist Stephen Hawking as part of his Cub's Science badge, so we just watched the movie "Hawking" tonight.

It covers the years 1963 - 65 when Stephen is at Cambridge University; when he's initially diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease and first formulates his theory of singularity.  While a lot of the physics obviously went over Billy's head (and mine, to be honest!), it sparked some good discussions and hopefully some of it stuck.

It's rated PG so quite suitable for kids with an interest in Hawking.


Suji said...

Can't believe our Netflix doesn't have this! Off to scout for more options. :)

Risa said...

Thanks for the lead--will be tracking this one down. As this winter seems to have no end, our season of "video-schooling" is going on a lot longer than usual. :-)

Loved all your pics of the US, BTW. You went to many places we're planning on seeing in the next few years with our boys.

Tamara Kidd said...

Wasn't aware of this movie, thanks. I used to care for a grandmother-in-law with MND and for the past 2 years my ex-husband has been suffering with the same illness. He was in the paper last Thursday talking about it.