Friday, January 07, 2011

To Wii or not to Wii..

So opinions needed..

Is a Wii anything more than another games console? Does it really help hand-eye co-ordination? Does it translate to the real world ie if you played Wii tennis (assuming there is such a thing), would that help when you stepped onto a tennis court? Would you get the same amount of exercise as if you really played?

If you've had yours for a while, do you still use it?
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karisma said...

I think its just another console. My kids played with it for 5 mins originally and then left it for ages. They recently picked it up again to play a dancing game but again lost interest quickly. Maybe if they only had a Wii and no other option they might use it more.

As for tennis, the game is actually a lot of fun but no you would no way get the same exercise as you would running around the court.

Zak can get a little too enthusiastic and nearly wipe out the tv at times. But really to win any game you just need to move one hand in the right directions.

jugglingpaynes said...

My son has actually played Wii tennis at the library. As karisma said, you don't run around as much as you would on a court. He did say you use the same hand movements as you would with a racket.

You move more with a Wii or other virtual video games than you do with traditional games, but I think if you want to get good at the real game, you need to play the real game.

Peace and Laughter!

Libby said...

We have a wii (Kevin the computer nerd has to buy ALL the latest toys). The girls did play with a bit but not for a long time. We recently got the xbox kinect (Kevin - nerd - need I say more) and I think that is going to be used for quite some time. In fact, it's the first "game" I'm interested in playing.
But really it depends on what Billy is like. If you need to encourage more active play and he's not easily bored, then it's probably a good move.


Kez said...

Thanks. I'm not thinking of taking up tennis, :) was just thinking of it from a fitness pov for me and billy. Sounds like I'd be better spending the money on some real equipment. Now to find the motivation!

Renelle said...

Hi Kez,
For us, we like the Wii of all game consoles because it allows you all to play at same time, it can be hysterically funny watching people trying to run, box, ski, play instrument, sing etc I think it has more child/family friendly games. We just started using Wii fit and Big Brain Box a couple months back and it's great. I think it is different from the rest of the consoles, but still just a game. The player is much more animated simply because you are forced to move instead of sitting only moving your thumbs. I think it is what you make it. What translates to the real world is learning the rules of different sports.

Kez said...

Hmmm, still in two minds about this. A few people have said its quite active with the wii fit.. I'd be nice to borrow one for a month and see if the novelty wears off!

Renelle said...

Whoops it's called Big brain Academy. It's good for us because our 9 & 3 yr old can both play & enjoy. Wii fit is fun and can make you sweat if you do it right!

sheila said...

My answer to the first question is: no. And no, it does nothing for your skills in the real world. Only the mothers play the wii fit games, lol.