Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet up with Libby

Yesterday we went for a drive to meet up with fellow blogger Libby. Libby and I have known each other online for years - this is the 2nd time we've met up and we had lots to chat about.

We went 10 pin bowling first - it was right across the road from where they were staying, so very handy! Well actually, first we went back across to the cafe at their resort for morning tea while we were waiting for a free lane. Then we went back across to the bowling alley.

It took a little longer than expected (especially since we had to wait a while longer for the lane to be free), so we called it quits after one game and had some lunch at the bowling alley. The toasted sandwiches were surprisingly nice!

After lunch we headed back across the road for a swim in the amazing pool at the resort (it wound its way right through the resort). I hadn't brought my swimmers, so Libby & I sat & chatted while the kids swam.

Thanks for taking the photo Amy!

It was a fun day - I hope we can meet up again next year :)


Tracy's corner said...

What fun catching up with an old friend is!

Libby said...

It was a great day. Thanks so much for making the trip over to meet up with us. Christy woke up asking if Billy would come for a swim again today :-).