Sunday, June 06, 2010

Our week of learning - 6th June - sick bay edition!

We took it easy while Billy battled a heavy cold for most of this week.  I love the flexibility of homeschooling!  It meant he missed out on catching up with friends a couple of times, but we can catch them up another time.


Current Readaloud:
Robin Hood (abridged), and "How the aliens from Alpha Centauri invaded my maths class and turned me into a writer and how you can be one too" by Jackie French.

How the Aliens from Alpha Cent 

Audio books: "One Beastly Beast" by Garth Nix, and "Grim Gruesome Viking Villain: The Cursed Sword" by Rosalind Kerven.

Independent Reading: "Edwina, the dinosaur who didn't know she was extinct" by Mo Willems.

OtherHe did manage to attend the final 1hr writing workshop and complete his story.  Now he just has to type it up and submit it for the competition.

Maths: He completed another "What number am I?" puzzle - it dealt with the wording of "the sum of the digits" which was new to him.

He spent quite a while playing a computer CD called "ClueFinder's 3rd Grade Adventures" - he had to solve maths & english puzzles to move through the levels.

We made a Caesar Cipher code wheel - he decoded a message I left for him, and then left me one as well.

Science & Technology: He watched an episode of Scope.

HSIE (Human Society and it's environment): We watched the final episode of James May's 20th century called "Big City, Bright Lights" about the growth of the city, skyscrapers and neon lights.  

Creative & Practical Arts: Drama class and drawing.

PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education): He got to Martial arts and archery before the cold kicked in, and then played an Auskick match today.

Life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping): He's been doing some odd jobs around the house to earn himself some spending money.  Things like emptying the dishwasher and taking the garbage out.  He does get $3 / week pocket money, but he wants a DS for his b'day so we've told him he has to save his pocket money and pay for some of it himself.  So at the moment, if he wants money he can spend, he has to work for it!

Other fun stuff: -


junespider said...

As always, I am impressed! Despite being ill you still did so many cool things.
Hope Billy feels better soon!!

Suji said...

Glad he's getting better...I loved the codes! We've enjoyed doing that too. Have a good week ahead!

Korina said...

OK - we are back to considering home schooling (again!).... two and a half years thinking about it really should be long enough shouldn't it! lol.... my fear of failure.....
Hieden thinks now is a good time as we aren't desperatly unhappy with her school so it wouldn't be because we felt we had no choice but because we wanted to.... rather a good argument I feel.....
Say somehitng to make me just get on with it and do it..... please! lol

Butterfly said...

The maths sounds awesome!! I'm looking forward to my kids being at that level. And is the Jackie French book as cool as it's title??

Hi Korina. From a quick look at your blog I think you're a natural ... those rainbow-slide pictures are sensational. Perhaps you're already home schooling and just don't know it yet.

:) Vanessa

Kez said...

Korina - my word to convince you - freedom :)

You set your own times - no more getting to school at a particular time, you can go places when there aren't the school crowds!, you can take it easy when you need to or want to! The kids get to explore their own interests, you get to actually see them grow & develop at their own pace, not hear 2nd hand how they're going towards some arbitrary goal.

Is that enough for a start?! You're awesome K, you can do it!!!

Kez said...

Vanessa, yes the Jackie French book is as cool as its title! Its a non-fiction about how to write stories - aimed at I'd say upper primary, but I'm getting a lot out of it too lol!

Korina said...

Thanks Butterfly - that is so nice.

And a huge thanks to Kez, I'm touched. :-)

We have decided to go for it and I'm filling in the paperwork and trying to figure out how to write a program as we speak! lol