Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mad week...

I *will* reply in more depth to the questions on my last post - I'm not ignoring you all, honest!

This week has been one of those weeks that feel like they have far more than 7 days! 

Our cat has been sick - so that's been 2 trips to the vet, lots of disturbed nights getting up to the cat & then lying awake worrying the rest of the time.  Thankfully they've narrowed it down to a kidney infection, we started him on antibiotics yesterday and he's starting to get back to normal - yay!

We've had the normal activities for Billy, plus a playdate and an Auskick match in Newcastle.  On Thursday night at Cubs, they had a special presentation for Billy who earnt his Promise Challenge award while at Joeys.  He was the first in our district to be awarded it so they had a presentation by one of the district leaders.  We went out for dinner afterwards so it was quite a late night.

I gained an apprentice chef this week!  Billy's been working on his Cooking badge for the last couple of weeks, and its made me realise that most of the cooking we do together is baking and his skills in other cooking areas need work.  Then I saw a post over at Julie's site with her daughter's lovely looking pasta, and was intrigued at Linda's comment that her kids started cooking a meal once a week from about 8.  So I asked Billy if he'd like to do that - would he like to become my apprentice chef, help me cook the evening meal once a week (on a night that we have plenty of time!) and then eventually cook a meal himself?  His response was very enthusiastic!  "Cool!  Can I do it more than once a week?!"  So he's been my apprentice 2 nights this week - he's cooked chicken curry & rice (including cutting up some of the chicken) and sliced potatoes for chips.  Let's hope the enthusiasm stays around :)

I didn't get to the gym again this week.  My normal BodyBalance nights are Tuesdays - I take Billy to archery in the morning, hang around there and chat with the other mums, and then we go to the park with the group for a couple of hours.  We grab any grocery shopping that needs to be done on the way home, go home for about an hour and then I take Billy back out for drama.  I do a couple of things while I'm waiting and then pick him back up.  We come home again.  By that time, the last thing I feel like doing is going back out for a 3rd time - esp on the nights Pete has squash as well, so he takes Billy to squash and then I pick him up after my class.  So its easier to just skip it.  Archery is finished for the term now and next term Billy's not doing drama, so hopefully I'll get back into routine soon.  (Except next week when Pete's squash is in Newcastle on Tuesday night *sigh*)

So this week has been very long & exhausting.  At least we've had some sunshine and gorgeous weather though!


Suji said...

Ooh, I wish we could have tasted that chicken curry :) It's one of our favorite meals. Sounds like a really full week. Hope you have a more relaxed one soon.

Katy said...

I hope you can get some rest in over the long weekend! You have been busy!

Have also been trying to get the kids to help with dinner preps in the evening - gets so hectic though!

How does Billy go with the knife?