Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I can see the danger of adding in every little bit of historical fact you find out.  It's absolutely fascinating that Prince Alfred was due to visit Maitland at that time, but is it necessary to the story?

I love this ad from the paper at the time:

I WISH you would come and TAKE YOUR TWO
CHILDREN AWAY that you left with me some
eighteen months ago (as I do not intend to keep them
any longer), and PAY ME for keeping the same. And
unless you return in one month from this date I intend
to sell what property there is here belonging to you to
pay for the keep of your children.
Taree Creek.

Got about 30 mins research done - I'm reading through an issue of the paper to get some background knowledge of the time.

Not sure how I'm going to get time by myself to do this course.  Billy is usually up not long after me and likes to talk and have some attention from the moment he gets up.  I try to block out time for work and put my headphones on so I don't get interrupted, but even that doesn't work.  If I'm trying to do 1hr work and 1hr writing each day, that's a lot of time for him to not interrupt!

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