Friday, June 12, 2009

So proud!

I was so proud of Billy last night - he made his promise / was invested at Joeys (the youngest level of Boy Scouts). Since his first night at the beginning of this term, he has loved it. I'm not exactly sure what the attraction was - but he was absolutely buzzing after his first night and has kept the same level of enthusiasm since! He begged me to buy his uniform, and couldn't wait until he was official!

Last night was *finally* the night lol. He and another boy L, recited their promise and officially joined the group (doubling the numbers of the group - it's a small one lol). L's mum & I got to present them with their scarf & woggle.

I went through the Guide movement from Brownies through to Ranger Guides - so from about 8 to 18 years old. Mum was the Guide leader for (far too many) years, so it was a major part of our life. Camping, preparing activities for the meetings, participating in events. It gave me so many experiences and memories, and even though Guides and Scouts have changed a lot in the time since, I still think it's a worthwhile organisation to belong to.

Now I just have to stop myself getting sucked into becoming a leader :) (I've already gone to a committee meeting - but I didn't volunteer for anything!)


Anonymous said...

I bet you will be a leader within 6 months :-)

I also did the whole brownies and guides thing. I loved it!

Congratulations to Billy.

libby said...

Now you know you want to :-).

So glad Billy is loving it so much.


Suji said...

Our warmest Congrats to Billy :)

Lela said...

Oh how awsome! My son did joeys and I am a guide leader (yeah I got talked into it!'s only two hours a week..not).


Kez said...

Thanks everyone - will pass the congratulations on to Billy.

I know how much work is involved in being a leader so I'm doing everything possible NOT to get sucked in lol.