Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ancient Mesopotamia / Sumer - history unit

We began our history unit on the Ancient Mesopotamia / Sumerians a week or so ago by watching a Brainpop video on Ancient Sumer, discussing it and completing the quiz.

On Friday Billy watched it again, then set about making a ziggurat (stepped pyramid) out of boxes.

Followed by making a clay tablet and doing some cuneiform writing.

We added important dates to our timeline - Sumerians inventing the wheel, writing and building the ziggurats.

We used the following books as resources:

The Technology of Mesopotamia by Graham Faiella

Picturing the Past - Mesopotamia, Iraq in Ancient Times by Peter Chrisp


Suji said...

That is one happy, colorful ziggurat :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just wondering if you wouldnt mind telling me where you purchased the books on Mesopotamia. My husband is Assyrian and has heaps of books on his families history and Im sure he would love these ones too.

Kez said...

Anon - I actually got the books out of our library, but I know you can get them both at Amazon if that helps.

Suji - yeah, think the king likes it?! :) (Plus you get to see what we eat around here!)