Saturday, September 02, 2006

Ear update

Back to the dr yesterday and got the all clear on the ear - he said that as much as he could see the hole had healed and it was all white inside which meant no infection. There was still some dead skin and dried blood and stuff floating around inside but that should come out of it's own accord. Very good news!

His temp went down on Tuesday - I didn't need to give him any panadol Tue night, and he's been fine ever since - you wouldn't even know he'd had a problem. Still on the antibiotics though - that's painful 3 times a day!

Tue we went to Cafe Au Play for lunch with some ladies I know from online - it's a kid's indoor play area with a small cafe - Billy had a blast and wants to go again next week!

Wed & Thu I was flat out with work while Billy was at preschool. I got a lot of little bits and pieces out of the way which was good, but more work keeps coming into my inbox every day! I'm struggling to juggle it all, but am thinking of the money :)

Fri I had a migraine so I don't remember a lot of it! We had the drs appt and went to the library - I think that was it. Pete got home about 8pm - he's off in Sydney again next week for a few nights too.

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