Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I have become addicted to a new site - It's Australian and lists thousands of competitions to enter!! I've entered competitions before but tend to get disheartened when I don't win - so hopefully if I enter enough, I'll start to win lol.

I'm busy with the new bookshop website - it's going well so far. Just taking a break from it now to ponder what direction to go in with one section.

Billy's at preschool today - I love Wednesdays and Thursdays! He seems to talk or sing or just make nonsense sounds CONSTANTLY. Plus he follows me around while he's doing it - I still can't go to the loo in peace! It's so nice to have peace and quiet so I can think. I'm really struggling with fitting work in now that he's not napping - I have to do it at night but by the time night comes around I'm usually too tired... I have to keep reminding myself that I work from home so I can be with him - it is my choice and I just have to be flexible and cope with the new routine.. Oh and copious amounts of caffeine may help too :)


BrayClan said...

Ohhh I love that site! I won a prize in my first week as a member - a Hi5 pack! It is so addictive!!

Kez said...

I hope I'm as lucky as you then!