Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - Nov 2012

Hmmm, somehow I seem to have missed recording what we did for some of November - but I know we were busy!  My camera is playing up so photos are in short supply. 

Cubs 'Curriculum':
  • Billy completed his local history badge.
  • One of the dads brought along some frames from his bee hive one night and showed the kids how they extracted the honey.  I'd never seen it done before, so I was equally as interested as they were!  (In truth, maybe more so!)  The kids all got to take home a sample of honey.

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

    • Drama classes - they've been doing clowning this term.  Some of the exercises I've seen them do involve impromptu acts - for eg they choose a dress up item, create a clown persona around that and then have to be interviewed about their clown character.  Amazing stuff :)
    • Billy has also has his keyboard out, teaching himself Jingle Bells and creating music for his videos

    • Australian history
      • We finished reading Daughter of the Regiment by Jackie French
      • We read Valley of Gold by Jackie French 
      • Billy researched the Gold Rush for his history badge, as well as researching some local history
    • He followed the US election.
    • He watched lots of Brain Pop movies - I'm not sure what they were all about but I know some were about the American Indians

    • He watched Cyberchase episodes
    • He played Times Attack and we did more on the times tables from the Awesome Arithmetricks book

    Science & Technology

      • He's been doing more Java programming in Minecraft
      • We watched a BTN Health special - discussing diabetes, vision and how sunscreen works

      • He's continuing Italian lessons - clothing, vegetables and time.


      • He's taken part in archery and martial arts

      As well as plenty of time spent hanging out with friends and family, cooking etc.

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      karisma said...

      Sounds like a busy month. Lots of fun and learning all round. We are reading Valley of Gold at the moment too. :-)