Friday, December 14, 2012

Gluten free cooking

This is my first foray into gluten-free cooking.

Banana bread

Choc-chip muffins
I've been off wheat and sugar about 80-90% of the time since mid-July.  In that time I've lost 5kg - the really stubborn 5kg that I've never been able to lose no matter what I did.  I'm pretty sure I now weigh less than I've done for about 20 years!  While I'm off wheat, I feel better, sleep better, have more energy. 

Up until now I've just done without wheat things like bread rather than finding GF substitutes.  But sometimes I feel like a piece of toast or a slice of cake - and when I do give in, my stomach complains and I find it hard to stop again.  It's surprising how addictive wheat can be..

Billy also has some tummy issues that I'm suspecting may be related to wheat.  He doesn't eat a lot of bread, but he eats quite a lot of pasta.  He'd eat it 3 meals a day if I let him!

So I've started trying out substitutes.  The first brand of GF wraps I tried were disgusting, the second were at least edible :)  I've got some GF bread in the freezer but I haven't tried it yet.  I mixed the GF pasta in half & half with Billy's normal pasta and he didn't notice a difference.

I bought pre-mixed GF flour and made the recipes above.  The choc-chip muffin recipe was a normal one and I just substitued the flours.  They were a bit dry - not sure if it was the recipe or the flour.  The banana bread recipe was on the back of the GF flour packet and is delicious!  (So good I've had to cut it up and put it in the freezer so I don't eat too much!)

I haven't told anyone else they're eating GF baking, because I know they'd immediately turn their noses up.  They've both been quite happy with the results though :)

Stay tuned..


Butterfly said...

Gluten free is the new normal I think! Glad you're feeling better and you ARE looking great :)

My family likes most of the gluten free things I make for myself so I end up sharing. I wouldn't mind trying Jasi on a gf diet as she gets bad tummy pain too often. Don't make the mistake of overcooking the pasta - it turns to gloopy grey sludge, very sad and bad.

Even gf bread disagrees with me if I have it more than a few times a week, but my favourite is Country Life Low GI. The only wraps I tried were like eating plastic - what brand did you find tolerable?

I haven't tried to cook gf banana bread, but now you've inspired me. Some things I cook end up very crumbly but I love experimenting and often just toss ingredients in (I have to avoid gluten, dairy and coconut so it takes some creative substitution). Once the family have enjoyed something, they don't seem so prejudiced and even my fussy princess has been keen to try some of my experiments :)

Kez said...

Yes, I'm almost embarrassed to say it as GF seems to be the latest trend!

It was Country Life bread I bought - I'm not sure if it was Low GI or not. I'd heard the Country Life was the best. I don't intend to eat it all that often - just every now and then. I don't think I could afford to eat it too often lol!

The wraps that were edible were Freedom Foods ones. I've also tried some of their biscuits and muesli with good results.

The banana bread recipe was on the White Wings GF self-raising flour packet. I think it had milk in it though, so you'd have to do more substitution.

I will eventually tell the family that they've been eating GF - not just yet though :)

Butterfly said...

Ha ha ... I won't let your secret out ;)
Thanks for telling me where to find the recipe.

jugglingpaynes said...

Good for you for getting off the stubborn 5kg! I know wheat based products are my weakness, especially cereal. But I can't give it up this time of year. Comfort food, you know? I'm so naughty. :o)

Peace and Laughter!

Korina Ivatt said...

I've been wheat, sugar & complex carb free all year & lost a huge 30kg!
I want to stay off them as much as possible and have been thinking about getting the kids off the pasts & bread too, my oldest 2 would also eat pasts every meal!
Any brands in particular you recommend or not recommend?
I've heard almond meal is a good substitute for flour, have you tried that at all?