Sunday, July 01, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - June 2012

June was a big month!

Cubs 'Curriculum':

Science Experiments

Polymers - skewer through a balloon

Carbon Dioxide extinguishing flames
Bicarb and vinegar rockets

Making tin-can telephones


Gold Boomerang Camp (for the older cubs) - activities included building fires, knots, compass work, plus a trip to the Fire Station where they got to use the hoses (water & foam).

Map and compass work

Intentional Learning:

Creative Arts

Taking photos

Stage Combat workshop

Attending a photography exhibit at Wallsend Library

Attended a local production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

  • Learning lines and auditioning for Peter Pan
  • Trip to Maitland Art Gallery

  • Australian history
  • Rocks walking tour.
    • Continuing our reading of Thomas Appleby - Convict Boy by Jackie French


  • Billy's been continuing to create plugins and mods for Minecraft using Java. 


Murderous Maths - Awesome Arithmetricks

  • Working through the Murderous Maths book 'Awesome Arithmetricks' 
  • Equations - Inequality, commutative law
  • Cubed numbers

Observation of rock pools

Transit of Venus at Sydney Observatory

Partial lunar eclipse
  • Circuit making

  • Finished reading Book 1 of the Rangers Apprentice series - The Ruins of Gorlan.
  • Listening to the Alex Rider series and the Diamond Brothers series by Anthony Horowitz

As well as the usual:
  • martial arts, circus, archery and AFL
  • time spent hanging out with friends
  • and some cooking
Spinning plates as a group at circus
Pasta making


Suji said...

A great month of learning! You guys did some really fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful range of activities. Cubs are brilliant, aren't they? My youngest is now a Cub and loves every minute.


Kez said...

Kate - cubs is brilliant. It does depend on the pack of course, but we love ours :)

Petter Joe said...

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Prince said...

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