Sunday, July 01, 2012

AFL Footy clinic and Rocks Walking Tour

On Tuesday afternoon, we headed down to Sydney for Billy to take part in an AFL Footy Clinic with the Sydney Swans.  About 240 kids from clubs around the state took part - they were split into 6 groups and run through various skills. 

I didn't get many photos because Billy's group were way over the other side of the SCG.  I loved the action bluriness of this photo though :)

We stayed overnight in the Rocks District in Sydney - with glimpses of the Harbour Bridge if you scrunched yourself right against the window and looked at an angle :)

The next morning we went on an organised walking tour of the Rocks area.  The Rocks is considered the birthplace of European Australian history - where the First Fleet first stepped ashore and began to colonise the country.  It was a really interesting tour, with stories of the people who lived there and the history of the area.

This great mural shows the development of Sydney from 1788 to 1930.

We had a quick visit to Cadman's Cottage - a sandstone cottage built in 1815-16.  We were lucky with the weather - it started raining as we entered the cottage, and stopped as we left.

Campbell's Stores - warehouse buildings from 1839 on the foreshore (now housing restaurants).

The houses were cut straight into the rock face in many places.

Remains of the two-up / two-down houses (with oversized furniture to emphasise the smallness of the rooms).

The Argyle Cut - originally made with convict labour, the cutting connected the Eastern and Western side of the Rocks.


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jugglingpaynes said...

Sydney looks like an amazing place. I've wanted to visit it since I was a teenager. Someday...

Peace and Laughter!

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