Monday, June 04, 2012

Homeschooling Monthly Memories - May 2012

I've had an incredibly busy month, so I didn't think we'd actually done much in the way of 'school' this month.  Once again, when I look back through the diary, and the photos I've taken, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Cubs 'Curriculum':
'Codes and signals' themed cub camp - learning morse code, semaphore, braille, phonetic alphabet etc

Aboriginal and folk stories from around the world

First aid, healthy eating (planning a healthy weekend menu) and road safety

Intentional Learning:

  • Learnt about Ancient Roman life - gladiators, the Colosseum, day-to-day life in a Villa. 
  • We used:
    •  a kit called Treasure Trove of an Ancient Roman Child to read about the life of a roman child.
    • Google Earth to look at the inside of the Colosseum now
    • a minecraft map that Billy downloaded to explore a Roman Villa, identifiying the uses of each room, and the Colosseum.
  • We watched an amusing BBC video by Terry Jones (ex Monty Python) to learn how gladiators trained and fought.

  • Billy's been continuing to create plugins and mods for Minecraft using Java.  
  • He's made a Minecraft music video using various video editing software like Corel VideoStudio, and music editing software Audacity.
  • He's finally filmed the first episode of a YouTube series that's been in the planning phase for months.  This has involved writing the script, rehearsing, filming using Fraps, editing using VideoStudio and finding Creative Rights music.


Murderous Maths - Awesome Arithmetricks

  • Working through the Murderous Maths book 'Awesome Arithmetricks' 
  • Multi-column addition with carrying
  • Learning some times tables tricks (3 times & 7 times tables) from the Right Brain Maths site.  

Waterwatch homeschool excursion
Viewing of the 'super moon' by telescope

  • Finished Peter Pan 
  • Started reading Book 1 of the Rangers Apprentice series - The Ruins of Gorlan.
  • Listening to the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

As well as the usual:
  • martial arts, circus, archery and AFL
  • time spent hanging out with friends
  • drama & recording movies with friends (some of which make it to his YouTube channel)


Caz said...

Dude, Frodo was VERY impressed by the fact that you used a minecraft map to study ancient Rome hehehe. MUST do he says.. nice job on the video too.. Frodo loved it. I on the other hand, have learned i can't watch minecraft lol.. it messes with my eyes. Well done though Billy :)

Suji said...

Awesome learning B!

Butterfly said...

I much prefer your summaries than my daily jot in my diary (which I just had to update after missing 2 months of record keeping). Cubs seems like a great home ed resource!!

Kez said...

Caz - thanks to Frodo from Billy :) He tries to find as much 'learning' to do on Minecraft as possible so he can play and count it as school! (I can't watch Minecraft either - it makes me seasick!)

Thanks Suji :)

Vanessa - Cubs is a great home ed resource which is why I count it as part of our curriculum! They usually do something every week that can tick off something on a KLA - tonight was science experiments :)

Mummyscrooge said...

Hi Kez. I found your blog through an old SS thread on homeschooling. I was stunned when I found a photo of my son (Thomas) at Cubs on your blog. Small world. I have just decided to home school so will be coming to Cubs to pick your brain. My hubby is the new Cub leader Sona (Lee). Are you still on SS?

Kez said...

Hi MummyScrooge! I hope its ok that Thomas was on my blog - I try to blur the kid's faces out as much as possible. Yay for homeschooling - we have a wonderfully active group here in the Hunter. Pick my brains as much as you want - I love to talk about it :) Send me an email on if you like and I can send you the link to our local group.

Yes I'm still on SS. Small world :)

Mummyscrooge said...

Yep definitely ok about the photo. I will send you an email in the next few days. I am really excited but also a bit nervous about homeschooling.