Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A day in my life - 13th June, 2012

I haven't done one of these for ages, so when it popped up in my reminders, I thought it sounded like fun.

I was up at 7:15, fed the cat, made myself a cuppa and drank it while I checked emails, blogs etc.  Billy was already up a bit before me.

After my cuppa, I hung the washing out on the clothes airer on the back verandah - the weather was looking a bit dodgy. 

I made Billy & I some breakfast (sausage & pasta bake for Billy - the non-traditional breakfast eater, and a poached egg and toast for me).

After breakfast, Billy & I did some maths together - we're working through some concepts in the Awesome
Arithmetricks book - today was the Commutative law.

Then I helped him with coding a Minecraft Java plugin - this one is an anti-swear plugin to stop people swearing on his server (it strikes them with lightning if they do!).

I was going to go for a walk after that but it was drizzling again, so I did 20 mins on the mini-tramp while watching a fascinating TED video on brain evolution.

I finally got to have a shower. 

After my shower, I pulled some homemade vege soup out of the freezer and heated it up for our lunch, along with some bread I'd made yesterday.  While that was heating, I packed the dishwasher and washed the rest of the dishes by hand.  We ate lunch while watching an episode of Warehouse 13.

After lunch, I did some paid work for a few hours (interrupted by a mad dash to bring the clothes airer inside as the rain started pelting in sideways) - a quick change to an Access database for a client, and work on a client's new website, as well as updating our business Facebook page.

Footy training was cancelled due to the wet weather - yay :)  I ventured outside to check the mail and bring the garbage back to the house, then cut up some fruit for Billy & I for afternoon tea.  I got a subscription to Super Food Ideas as a gift at Xmas and this month's magazine arrived - I'll save it as a reward for getting my writing done later in the week.

I checked a forum I read for a little while, gathered the library books together to take back tomorrow, then went out to start dinner.  I made a chicken stew & dumplings using the left-over roast chicken from Monday night.  After I'd gotten all of the chicken off the carcess, I put it in the slow cooker with some celery leaves, peppercorns and water to turn into chicken stock.

While the oven was on, I made a chocolate cake (I love this recipe but I do it in the oven, not the slow cooker) - this cake is great stand-by when you're out of butter like I am.

I knew Billy wouldn't eat the stew, so I pulled some chicken schnitzel out of the freezer (made & cooked a few weeks ago), cut some potato wedges to go with it and popped it all in the oven.

We ate dinner, then I joined the RWA chat room and did some writing.  1316 words in 80 mins of sprints! It gets me back on track with my goal - I'm only about 400 words behind now.

Bed time for Billy - which seems to go longer every night!  I helped him practice his lines he's learning for the Peter Pan audition of Sunday.  Two chapters of Rangers Apprentice - it was at an exciting spot so we couldn't leave it at 1.  Chat about the day, talk about what's going on tomorrow.

I switched the dishwasher & washing machines on (after 10pm to take advantage of cheaper power), wrote this blog post up and am about to head to bed.

It's been a productive and busy day.


Suji said...

I love these day in the life posts. Makes me feel like a fly on your wall. A happy fly. :)

jugglingpaynes said...

That is a busy day, and you even had something cancelled! Sounds like some of my days. :o)

We love Murderous Maths, too. They are hard to get here, but I make the effort because they work for my son.

Peace and Laughter!

Libby said...

Loved reading about your day. Looks like a productive, but fun, day. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your life.

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