Tuesday, January 17, 2012


While on holidays, we visited Timbertown at nearby Wauchope.  Timbertown is a recreated timber village from the 1890s, with steam-powered timber mill, horse and cart and bullock team.

We watched a very informative and entertaining demonstration with the bullock team.

And even got to pose with one of the stars of the 'show', Captain (the bullock, not the driver!).

Billy took part in a whip-cracking lesson

We checked out their 'facilities' (for the non-Aussies, a 'dunny' is a toilet - in this case a 3 hole drop toilet).

Saw how differently life would have been lived.

Watched the blacksmith at work.

Took a steam train ride where we were subjected to a 'stick-up' (and other really bad puns!)

And wondered whether some punishments should be brought back into use :)


jugglingpaynes said...

Neat! And I have to say, I keep trying to warm myself by your bright, sunny pictures. It's cold here in New York!

Peace and Laughter,

Caz said...

That looks really cool Kez! We used to have a village like that back where I grew up... the schools took us on a 'tour' every year almost... I'm sure you had much more fun exploring on your own :)

prathiba reddy said...
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prathiba reddy said...

All the time i was looking at your pictures i was remembering about the balarat gold mine in Victoria Australia. it pretty much resembles the same. Just love all the patterns of the olden days. cool by the way

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