Monday, January 16, 2012

Back from holidays

Once again, we spent two weeks up the coast with family at Stuarts Pt for our Xmas holidays. For a change, the weather was wonderful - sunny most days with only one half-day of rain.

New Years Eve was celebrated at 9pm by the kids (and that was as far as I made as well!) with sparklers and glow-sticks.

Slip-n-slide mayhem...



And some down time with the computer..

Billy also went waterskiing with his aunt, uncle and cousins, but I don't have photos of that.  This year he managed to stand up (and stay up) on the toboggan and had some massive stacks on the biscuit.

I did lots of writing (10,000 words - huge for me!), lots of reading, spent time gazing at the sky and relaxing, and took some walks on the beach - by myself.  Bliss! 
(That counteracts the usual cooking, laundry and grocery shopping that still had to be done!)

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Libby said...

Glad you had a great time. It seems like just yesterday you wrote last years xmas post!!!