Thursday, December 15, 2011

Greyhound Gymkhana

On Sunday we went along to a greyhound gymkhana by invitation of my father-in-law.  Now to me, a gymkhana is for ponies and little girls showing what they can do on them, but apparently you can have a greyhound gymkhana as well.  Basically it involved lots of greyhound races but no betting (ie it wasn't an official greyhound meeting).

So we got to watch the dogs in the 'exercise' yard (every second photo I took seemed to have a dog relieving themselves - obviously they get nervous before a race!)

This was our favourite - I'm not a greyhound lover, but it was a beautiful looking dog.

Heading around to the boxes - it was a long walk for the trainers, the dogs seemed to handle it fine :)

And they're off and racing... 

Unfortunately our favourite was just a pretty boy not a runner and came in last...

Catching them at the end of the race.

Since it was a fun event, there were also raffles & chocolate wheels, some fun running races for the kids and even a visit from the big man in the red suit handing out lollies and ice-blocks.

It was certainly an interesting day.  Billy really enjoyed it and wants to know when the next one is on!  (But then, that may have been the free lollies and ice-blocks!)

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