Saturday, December 10, 2011

Term 4 Wrap-up

We've pretty much called it quits for the year, so time for the term's wrap-up.

Billy's been using both Khan Academy and Mathletics again this term, with a brief dip into 'Learning Ladder Yr 5' and 'Carmen Sandiego, Math Detective' (both PC maths games).  Topics covered have included:  Adding negative numbers, reading tables, associative & commutative property of addition and multiplication, fractions and equivalent fractions, twenty-four hour time, converting h/m/s to m/s and vice versa.

He's also been watching Cyberchase for exposure to new mathematical concepts and general 'living maths' practice like mental arithmetic and calculations, handling money, measuring etc.

He learnt more about compass points, set a trail using a compass and followed other group's trails.  He did work on map-reading - working out the scale, identifying things on the map like train lines, rivers etc.


Comparing Harry Potter - the books and movies with discussions about the differences.

Learning Ladder Yr 5 CD - exercises on parts of speech (adverbs, adjectives, phrases, prepositions).

Reading Deltora Quest.

Science & Technology:

Learning Java coding to successfully create a plugin for Minecraft.

Watching educational TV shows such as Backyard Science, Scope, Take on Technology, and Designers.

Planting seeds and looking after them.

Weather observations - made a windsock and rain gauge and observed the weather for 2 weeks.

Went to the dinosaur egg & nest exhibition, "Hatching the Past", and the general science museum exhibits.


Watching the kid's current affairs show Behind the News, as well as "For the Juniors".

Visit to the Camelot Lavendar Farm, feeding and learning about the goats, alpacas and llamas.

Watching Horrible Histories.

Creative Arts:

Watched a live production of Fantastic Mr Fox.

Filmed a video with friends, edited and uploaded to YouTube.


Archery, Martial Arts.

Trips to the pool.

Not that the learning will stop, but I get to stop recording until next year officially begins :)

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Korina said...

Hi Kerrie,
I know I don't comment much but I always read your blog and enjoy it.... in fact I don't think I've ever stuck with a blog this long before so you must be doing something right! lol
Anyway I wanted to ask you about that camera you brought a couple of years (?) back..... how have you found it and would you recommend it or something similiar? ..... I need a new one and I get total buyers block once I see the range available!
Any advice gratefully received.