Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back to routine - please!

I'm ready for term to start back again.  The school holidays have been packed with activities and play dates, and I need to get back to routine to have a rest :)

The holidays started with the trip to Sydney I blogged about before.  A couple of days after we got back from that, we headed back down to Sydney so Billy could attend a Sydney Swans AFL Coaching Clinic. There were about 500-600 kids there!  They split them into 6 groups by age and for a couple of hours, they rotated them around different skills stations.  They got to do things like kicking, tackling, handballs etc - with the actual Swans players!  Very cool :)   Afterwards they had about half an hour for an autograph session where they could get things signed by the Swans players.  It was supposed to be longer but it started raining - a very cold rain!  At least the kids got a free pie or sausage roll and a drink afterwards!

Considering the amount of kids they had, it was all very well organised - and so amazing that it was all free because he was a Swans Jnr member!  A wonderful PR exercise for the club.

This was the group of 7-9 year olds (I think that was the age) - they split them into 2 separate groups for the activities.

Ball skills.

On the Saturday his martial arts club organised a group trip to the movies to see The Karate Kid.  Pete & I went as well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the movie!

This week we had my niece's BP presentation (top awards in Girl Guides) on Monday.   Billy attended an all-day (10am-3pm) CSIRO Science workshop on Tue & Wed - he loved it.  This was his 3rd time going and he was so much more comfortable because friends he'd made last time were there again.  Last time he wanted me to stay until it started, this time I was lucky to even get a "bye" as he rushed off :)  I can't remember all of the things they did - but I know they made slime, runny poo (chocolate pudding), instant ice-cream using liquid nitrogen, a balloon powered rocket car, a lava lamp and played with light sensing robots.  Both days, he didn't stop talking for the whole hour trip home!

On Thursday we went to see a play at the Civic Theatre - a musical production of The Gruffalo.  It was brilliant!  You can see a trailer of the show - we had different actors but its the same songs and script by the look of it.

He's also been going to karate twice a week over the holidays.  We've had lots of playdates - mainly catching up with friends that go to school, but some homeschoolers as well.  Plus of course, multiple trips to the hospital and my inlaw's place to see my MIL.

I need a rest :)


karisma said...

Wow! You sure do need a rest! We are hoping to get more organised this week, thus far not looking good! LOL! I can't seem to focus my brain on anything at the moment so the kids have pretty much had free reign (I guess they love it!)

Butterfly said...

And the holidays have been how many weeks long???? Whew, what a fortnight! Is Billy buzzing or collapsing? Hopefully he'll feel like a quieter week, too, so you CAN get the rest you need.

Kylie said...

gee whizz you certainly have been busy!

Risa said...

Looks like a wonderful time--but a VERY busy one. Here's to hoping you get that rest you deserve!