Friday, May 15, 2009

Any insect lovers out there?

We found this cocoon on our walk this afternoon (or at least that's what it looks like). It had blown off a tree. Does anyone know what lives inside? Any ideas how to keep it and see if anything emerges?

ETA: It's about 15cm long if that helps anyone.


Louise said...

I think it is a case moth cocoon Kez, and if you put it in a jar with some mesh on top secured with an elastic band and keep it somewhere out of the weather you can observe it.

Not all case moths emerge, the lady case moths stay in there and the males come to them to mate.

Kez said...

Thanks Louise. I've put it in a jar with a bit of chux banded around the top - hopefully that will do. It will exciting if something does emerge!

katef - said...

I remember finding these as a kid.. never did manage to get a moth out of the ones we tried keeping.. but still very interesting!