Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Homeschooling: Spain

A couple of weeks ago we finished our unit on Spain, but I've only just been organised enough to take a photo of the end result!

Billy painted the flag as the background of the poster, and we looked at things like the geography, culture (bull-fighting, flamenco dance, football), famous people (Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali), agriculture, and currency.

We also created castanets out of bottle-tops and learnt some Spanish words. The memory cards have been used a couple of times as various games in learning 1-10 and basic greetings.


Ali said...

I love the projevts that you've been doing with Billy :) I admire you for doing the home schooling ~ I don't have the patience for it..

Ali said...

woops, menat to type "projects", lol!

Kez said...

Ali - the internet is a wonderful resource! I'd be lost if I had to do it from scratch!! As for patience - let's just say today I don't have a lot!!!

Kin said...

That looks awesome! M&M's just done a unit on China at daycare, so we've been doing a bit of discussions about Asia at home. Now she wants to go to Thailand. Sigh

Anonymous said...

What a great project.

I learnt Spanish in Grade 6 and all I can remember is "Deme la mantequilla, por favor" (spelling may be wrong), which means "Pass the butter, please."


Joy said...

That looks great! I'm sure you had lots of fun doing the project. (Sometimes I think I have more fun than the kids when we do projects! LOL!)
Our kids learned Spanish for a while a few years ago. They really enjoyed it.
You're doing a great job with homeschooling!