Thursday, December 20, 2007

All sorts of dough!

After a session with my wonderfully talented chiropractor today, I had so much energy when we got home! I felt better than I had for weeks. I expended my energy in the kitchen - made some more of Little Jenny Wren's Melt & Mix shortbread, a batch of tortillas to go in the freezer and tried out a new recipe for hot dog buns - I made the buns with all white flour (since that's all I had), and on some of them, I sprinkled the top with garlic powder, dried basil & oregano - oh wow, it smelt like Subway while it was rising & baking. And the taste was sensational - will definitely be keeping this recipe!!! I felt very industrious!!

I had a bit of a re-org of money matters today too - closed my bank account with ANZ (I'd been using it for ebay sales but I'm not using it atm and it was costing me money), and opened another one at my building society for the TL sales. I also opened & counted the money jar that I'd been feeding sporadically (and occasionally raiding for parking money!) over the year - $81.65 - which will come in handy on holidays! It should buy a meal out at the club and lots of ice-creams at the shop :) I want to open a new ING account too, but have run into a bit of a stumbling block with that one as they need a bank statement which I don't have.

5 sleeps til Xmas!


libby said...

Hi Kerrie,

You have been busy haven't you? I just printed out the bread roll recipe - they do look yummy. I too made shortbread yesterday. I have my Scottish grandmothers recipe and now make it for the whole family (her hands are too bad to kneed to mixture).
Those tortillas look good. Would you mind sharing the recipe? I did pick up one somewhere - might have been from Jodi - but I didn't know I could freeze them. We had the BEST tortillas at Disneyland - and even Christy ate them - so if I could replicate something similar she would be so excited (and so would I to feed her something other than bread or bread rolls - though I do realize it's just another form :-))


Ali said...

mmm, I can imagine the smell of the freshly baked rolls :)

all of your baking looks delicious!

Kez said...

Libby - the tortilla recipe is one from the Hillbilly Housewife - I usually don't have many left to freeze, but they seem to freeze ok.